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Pioneering sustainable agriculture with BASAI

The Biological Agri Solutions Association of India (BASAI) is a prominent not-for-profit organization that plays a pivotal role in the field of sustainable agriculture in India. Established on June 13, 2019, under Section 8 of The Companies Act, BASAI has emerged as a leading advocate and catalyst for the adoption of biological agri-inputs in Indian agriculture.

Your Path to Eco-Friendly Farming

Mission & Purpose

BASAI’s core mission is to revolutionize Indian agriculture by promoting the use of biological agri-inputs, which encompass biofertilizers, biopesticides, and biostimulants. The organization is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by the bio-agricultural industry, raising awareness, disseminating knowledge, and advocating for effective regulations in this sector.

Key Objectives

Who We Are?

Awareness and Education

Awareness AND Education

BASAI strives to enhance awareness and knowledge levels among farmers, policymakers, and stakeholders regarding the benefits and importance of biological agri-inputs.


Regulation AND Advocacy

Regulation & Advocacy

In the absence of structured regulations for biostimulants and related products, BASAI actively works towards the development of comprehensive and industry-specific regulations that ensure quality and safety.


Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

BASAI unites 33 national and international bio-agri companies and experts, driving collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation in the industry.

Activities & Impact

BASAI’s impact on Indian agriculture is substantial. The organization organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences, providing platforms for industry players to share expertise and best practices. Moreover, BASAI collaborates with regulatory bodies, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders to establish industry standards.
As a trusted advocate for sustainable farming practices, BASAI contributes to the promotion of eco-friendly, economically viable, and environmentally responsible agriculture in India.

Activities and Impact

Join Us in Cultivating Change

Our story is far from finished. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture. Together, we can sow the seeds of transformation.

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