Mission-Vision of BASAI

  • To be a purposeful and ethical voice of the Biological segment of the agriculture input sector of the industry,
  • To be a forceful representative to the Govt. in all matters concerning registration of products,
  • To ensure that only ethical companies are represented by BASAI,
  • To work closely with the Govt. authorities to ensure that only quality products beneficial to the farming community are sold in India,
  • To bring awareness through seminars, media and farmer organisations of the need for balanced application of biologicals along with crop protection and fertilizers,
  • To co-ordinate with world organisations such as EBIC and BPIA -USA representing biologicals for Best practices worldwide,
  • To be a representative body for Bio Agriculture companies and Associations and their members such as FAI, CLI, CCFI, PMFAI and AFCI
  • To provide administrative and technical support to highlight the concerns raised by Member Companies with respect to manufacture, import & export, etc.
  • To contribute towards National Policies in an attempt to contribute towards the betterment of the Indian Farming Community.
  • Actively participate & contribute to the GOI campaigns e.g. Grow Safe Food Campaign, Doubling of Farmers’ Income by 2022, Skill India ( Kaushal Vikas se Krishi Vikas ), Make in India, etc.
  • To adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute towards achieving the same by 2030 work towards achieving a transparent and efficient Regulatory Framework

We invite companies who operate in Biostimulants & Biological products for Agriculture sector. (No pharmaceutical, vet or any allied sectors) to join hands with us to take this initiative forward and jointly raise voice against common issues faced for the segment.


Biological products are becoming increasingly important for sustainable crop protection and nutrition of crops. While the inherent need is driving several national and international players towards this sector, there are numerous challenges that deter the streamlined growth of the sector. The awareness and knowledge level regarding Biological products are relatively low. Unlike fertilizers or seeds, they are not regarded as a basic input by many farmers. Biological products in general have a negative image due to a lot of spurious products containing chemicals being sold in the name of biologicals that destroy crop and soil health.

On one hand, where there are dedicated bodies like the Insecticides Act & the Fertilizer Control Order for regulating crop protection and fertilizers respectively, no structured regulation exists for biostimulants or similar products. In the absence of regulation, various states take their own decisions on regulating this category, leading to unhealthy practices and bans on products which hampers availability for growers and makes it difficult for providers to operate.

Given the myriad challenges, the BASAI has been formed to organize the industry players to collectively address the need for awareness, knowledge dissemination and most importantly regulatory issues pertaining to the biologicals in the agriculture sector. The goal also is that all ag chem and fertilizer associations and their members who are engaged in bioproducts, support BASAI as the apex body for all BioAgriculture needs.

Formation of BASAI was informally announced on 20 February 2019 during the BioAg Conference held in New Delhi earlier this year.


Organic farming is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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